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AGUA-PALS MN3005 Analog Delay

(Aqua-Puss Mk1 Clone)

I'm very excited to bring this pedal to the community. Forever, the original Aqua-Puss has been on John Mayer's board and continues to be on his boards. Before the 2010 flood in Nashville, Brad Paisley rocked the original Aqua-Puss as well. FINALLY we can add this pedal circuit to our pedalboard. Click the videos on the left for a comparison to a Mk2 Aqua-Puss to hear the difference. Some of my notes compared to a Mk2:

  • Repeats are "warmer" (less treble-ly)

  • Repeats are longer

  • A lot more bottom end preserved in the mix

    • The Mk2 always sounded sterile to me.. The Mk1 is way better at preserving the original signal​

  • Overall, this analog delay adds slapback without sterilizing the original signal. (A++)

I've carefully selected parts that are equal to the original Mk1. All capacitors are the same type as the original (film, ceramic, etc) but with tighter tolerance. This does not change the tone at all but ensures consistency for every build I make. I barely have to calibrate the circuit because the components are so tight to the calculated values. Real XVive MN3005 and I have a pile of NOS ('93) NE570N Philips compandors to use until I run out. AGUA-PALS because Agua = Water (spanish) and Pals = More than one & SLAP spelled backwards :-)

Each of these pedals takes me ~3 hours to build, silkscreen, and assemble. I have a few on hand but typical wait time is 2 weeks at the moment. I'll reach out to you when you place an order for an ETA. If there is anything special you want, let me know in the notes and I'll try to accommodate if it's reasonable. (Color changes, etc)

I'm  temporarily pausing building more AP-1 clones as I'm working on a MkII -> MkI conversion kit. All existing orders will be fulfilled. Keep an eye on my blog for news on the conversion kit. 


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