John Mayer's 2015 Dead & Company Rig Done!

Just finished up posting John Mayer's 2015 Dead & Company pedalboard and amplifiers. This tour, John was experimenting with the "secret" PRS V9 amplifier that later was revealed as the JMOD100. The Klon was replaced for a short while with a bastardized Keely footswitch to control the channel selection on the v9 for tube overdrive distortion. Enjoy!

J-MOD 100 Controls Walk-through

I've been waiting for a video like this! I will say, it's not what I was thinking (the best that I can determine through the encoding of YouTube) but I'm intrigued. I enjoyed how they used the new Super Eagle II to demo along with the J-MOD. Although there are no Mayer/Dead guitar licks in the walk-through, I can hear the base of the clean Mayer tones before pedals and processing comes in play. That said, it definitely seems like pedals and processing is required to bring out the best in this amp based on this demo. I could be proven wrong (and would be happy to in-person, be proven wrong) but I just didn't hear anything special out of the box. I like how the volume seems to be usable in pra

SSS #4 | Dead and Company

So.. John has been experimenting a LOT with his amplifiers the last couple Dead & Company shows. I'm currently listening to the audio from last night's Folsom Field show and although YouTube/ isn't the best source to hear all the dynamics of amp through a house system, this setup seems to have a little of the 'twang edge rolled off which isn't necessarily a bad thing. He's running with Dumble Steel String Singer #004 with his 2x12 closed back J-Mod cabinet. I've updated the 2017 Dead and Company tour with this arrangement.

PRS Private Stock Super Eagle II

In collaboration with John Mayer, PRS officially releases information of the Private Stock Super Eagle II. Mayer has toured with this guitar with the Dead & Company for a few shows prior to the official release. I really like the "hemp green" color and love the flamed maple. I'm always a sucker for the flame maple. I'm not sure on the price tag though... $11,000 USD. A little rich for my blood and kind of puts me off in a way. Limited production run of 120 also. I've bene thinking of building a PRS Super Eagle inspired guitar by ordering a VIP hollow body to my specifications from Warmoth. Would be easy to customize to add split coil taps and they would route out the humbucker-minihumbucker-

The Opening Act

Welcome! My intention is to grow this site as much as I'm learning about some of my favorite musicians to share with everyone. My background is electrical engineering (and I guess web site building too now?) so I tend to geek out about small nuances and what difference that makes in tone, playing style, etc. I also am well versed in video editing and live streaming so I'm planning on incoporating videos and sound clips of sorts. I hope you find the website informative and if there is anything you'd like to add (anonomously too), see, or corrections, feel free to drop me a message here. I could not make this website more accurate or possible if it wasn't for My Stupid Mouth, Facebook, The Gea

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