Building John Mayer's Tone | Way Huge Aqua-Puss Mk1 Analog Delay

The coveted Way Huge Aqua-Puss Mk1 Analog Delay! Not the Mk2... Not very many good YouTube videos out there either that display the similarities or differences between these two pedals and I'm really glad that I made the Mk1 as it'll remain on my pedalboard and my Mk2 will be taking a back seat for a while.. MadBean Pedals sells the "AquaBoy" PCB which the 2016 version is actually a Boss DM-2 MN3005 PCB which can can be converted to a Mk1 Aqua-Puss with a few part changes. My favorite part about building my own pedals/amplifiers is the ability to pick and choose components to my liking. With this build I went for all original components because I wanted to have a first hand experience what

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