PRS John Mayer Silver Sky

It's finally here! After being first bought out on John's 2017 "The Search For Everything" tour, John Mayer found a new signature model! I'm intrigued to play one for sure. I'm really interested in the pickups too as they are supposedly a reverse engineer of John's 1964's sunburst pickups (which sounds amazing by the way) My thoughts I'm highly interested in playing one. Comparing to a stratocaster, I personally have never preferred 42mm width at the nut or 7.25" radius vintage frets but I can appreciate what they are set out to achieve. I'm remaining neutral at the moment based on specifications and not actual hands on experience. That said, I am not going to pre-order one which is said to

Building John Mayer's Tone | Two Rock JM Signature - Phase 1

This is a big one for me. Going down the tone-hunting rabbit hole of amplifier building. I've always dreamed about building a Dumble-style amplifier, I've always loved John Mayer's Continuum and Where The Light Is tone, and I love the visual look of Dumble Steel String Singer #004. Unfortunately, no such combination is readily available to purchase so I'll have to just build it! Background I had the idea kicking around to make my own chassis for a couple of months after I learned how to use Inkscape vector art application to make a replica "faceplate" of Steel String Singer #004. I have limited AutoCAD experience so this endeavor would have a large learning curve ahead of me. I would say it

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