Dead & Company Pedalboard + Amps | Hartford, CT 06-13-18

Wow! What a show. I really enjoyed the energy and the amazing, balanced, tone coming through the house mix. The official post-show FLAC files also maintain all the in-person impressions I had from the show. Good job, Dead & Company sound guys/girls! I also feel bad when they are being judged by YouTube's audio compression during the live stream, which, who knows what the contribution bitrate and settings on the encoded feed is to YouTube and what compression goes on within YouTube. "Thou shall now judge sound quality through YouTube" should be a thing.. Anyway.. GEAR! Edit: Created a new 2018 Dead and Company page on my site here Pedals I managed to snap a few pictures from the pit to help p

Dead & Company 2018 Kick-Off Gear and PRS Super Eagle "Core Edition"? (Updated)

I guess my timing for this post is good! I wanted a few shows to get underway with Dead & Co before documenting some of the gear that I've seen through YouTube and Instagram posts. Also PRS Experience is under way and some attendees noticed a "new" line of PRS models that resemble the PRS Super Eagle I & II. First, Dead & Company gear. Still waiting on better pedal board pics but John paired down the pedals to the essentials for D&C tones. No more huge MIDI controller. Rehearsals 2x PRS JMOD Amps 2x PRS JMOD 2x12 Cabinets Vitoria Reverbrato Camden 6-1-18 2x PRS JMOD Amps 1x PRS JMOD 2x12 cabinet 1x Alessandro 2x12 open back cabinet 1x Fender Deluxe Reverb Camden 6-2-18 -> Onward 3x Fender De

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