(SOLD OUT) Steel String Singer #002 Style Chassis | Building John Mayer's Tone

Fresh back from the screen printer, Steel String Singer #002!!! I invested and made 10x of these so I can sell it back at a discount to everyone who wants to build one too! I had the screen printer mask off "By Colgan" on 5 of them and the other 5 has "by Colgan" on it. I also can stamp the back serial number to be whatever you'd like. #002 seems appropriate :-) I've also been working extremely hard on a layout that accommodates the chassis perfectly and I think it's ready for board population! Note: still in progress but I am 98% confident this is correct. Since I made the layout in DIY Layout Creator, Hoffman Amplifier has the ability to CNC the boards based on the layout :-) I'm going to

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