JBL Speaker FAQ and Information

The 12" JBLs are at the intersection of vintage HiFi and crystal clear guitar tones of the '60s and beyond. I've seen quite a few of the same questions pop up about JBL speakers as used in Fender amplifiers and with Jerry Garcia rigs so I decided to create an entry to aggregate the information as I understand it, in one place. I'll update this entry often as I stumble upon new information. JBL D131/D120 High-Level Specs Originally with a 131-404 (D131), 21032 (D120) part number untreated paper surround cone 25 to 50 watts approximate continuous power handling depending on the frequency 102 dB sensitivity 4" voice coil with a .053" gap AlNiCo magnet 13.5 lbs JBL D120F (Including Orange Frame)

SSS #002 Reverb Secret Revealed!

I believe Bomba and I cracked the code on this reverb! Until yesterday, I was using the reverb layout as published by previous efforts to document #002. The reverb worked but was very low levels and needed to be driven hard to sit well alongside the dry mix. The reverb tone was very dark as well which made it less useful other than a really low-level wash. I enhanced the contrast on gut shots of #001 and #002 and looked again at the hand-drawn schematic to see if there was anything to learn. Sure enough, reworking the 2k2 resistor to tap into the reverb transformer green (RCA send) and connecting to the 100R/Cathode resistor & cap pair, is correct, rather than the 2k2 in line with the signal

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