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The Tone Geek Touch

After countless hours of personally reverse-engineering the Vemuram TSV808, I’m incredibly proud to fix some of the things I did not like about the original TSV808 and Jan Ray. Specifically, I did not like the internal dip switches and I also did not like having to grab a tiny screwdriver to adjust the saturation and bass. After externalizing the adjustments, I bonded with these circuits very quickly and found my tone without searching for a tiny screwdriver!


The circuit remains original to the Vemuram TSV808, just with more range of bass controls and a more natural level control sweep! (See graphs of my clone's response lying directly on top of an original TSV808!) This a much-welcomed improvement over the standard Vemuram TSV808 since the bass is usually too strong, even at the lowest setting, and the level adjustment is touchy.


Inside you'll find a genuine OPA2134PA op-amp, 30,000 cycles rated footswitch, gold plated circuit board, hybrid SMD/Thru-hole design as my wildly popular VS10, silver solder, "forever" power supply solid polymer capacitors, and 100 degree viewing angle LED!

Above Top Secret: ATS808

SKU: ATS808 Complete Pedal

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  • Above Top Secret: ATS808

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