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DIY replacement PCB inspired by a 1997 MK1 AP1 Way Huge Aqua Puss. Using my own unique layout design, the PCB can be a direct drop-in replacement to the widely available Mk2 enclosure, original Mk1, or a Hammond 1590BB. Designed to use an MN3005 BBD chip, per original. Attached are reference photos of a completed build and a comparison with an original Aqua Puss.


The purchase comes with:

  • 1x Mk1 AP2 Replacement PCB (unpopulated)
  • 3x 16mm/24mm potentiometer up-down-converter isolation PCBs.
  • 1x Faceplate for 1590BBS Enclosure



Blog entry and instructions can be found COMING SOON. 


I encourage you to build and sell as many of these as you'd like. Help spread the good tone!

Aqua Puss 1997 MK1 AP1 Retrofit PCB


10% Discount at 10+ Quantity

  • Bill of Materials (BOM)

    Build Documentation: COMING SOON

    MN3005 Analog Delay circuit modeled after a 1997 Way Huge Aqua Puss AP1delay circuit. This particular circuit was used by John Mayer the longest of the other Aqua Puss variants (MK1 AP1 & MK2 Reissue). In 2010 Way Huge came out with a reissue that utilizes MN3205 chips and was described as different compared to the MN3005 original part selection. Bare PCBs only. Populated pictures are examples of the finished product using the BOM.

    You will receive:

    1x MK1 AP2 PCB (unpopulated)

    3x 16mm/24mm up-down converter isolation boards

    1x Faceplate of 1590BB

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