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Inspired by a Dumble "a box later", this is my take on the circuit. It's an active loop for pedals/amps, a signal attenuator, a unity buffer, and a +24db clean boost. For use with a 1590BB, 1590BBS, and 1590BB2 sized enclosures. DIY includes the footswitch board, the signal board, and the faceplate. 


Build documentation:


Fully built user manual



10% Discount at 10+ Quantity

  • All fully built units are tested before shipping. The DIY nature of the DIY build assumes you have reasonable technical knowledge of soldering techniques and such. No support should be assumed however I will do my best to accommodate troubleshooting recommendations and/or replacement if a defect is ultimately determined. Unused and unopened items can be returned within 14 days of the delivery date. Fully built units can be returned within 14 days if you are not satisfied with it for whatever reason. 

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