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Dead Man's Hand is a two-sided pedal that combines a JCF preamp style buffer + treble boost (as found in a PRS Super Eagle) and a Radial Engineering Dragster style circuit. This batch is a true bypass stomp-switch activated/deactivated with a retro, UV printed, enclosure. Each side of the circuit can be independently activated or deactivated by toggle switches. The result is a pedal that you can use to shape your tone at the beginning, middle, or at the end of your pedalboard. 

The load correction side of the circuit can be used before impedance-picky fuzz pedals as well! Engaging the treble boost adds "high definition" to any of your guitars. Utilizing both sides of the pedal at the same time can dial in the perfect "straight into the amp" sound that many players feel like they lose when adding any pedal. 


Dead Man's Hand Buffer & Load Correction Device

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  • Dead Man's Hand Buffer & Load Correction Device.

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