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The Tone Geek Touch

After countless hours of personally reverse-engineering the Vemuram TSV808, I’m incredibly proud to fix some of the things I did not like about the original TSV808 and Jan Ray. Specifically, I did not like the internal dip switches and I also did not like having to grab a tiny screwdriver to adjust the saturation and bass. After externalizing the adjustments, I bonded with these circuits very quickly and found my tone without searching for a tiny screwdriver! 


I also wanted to unrestrict the traditional concept of a dual overdrive pedal where there is a single in/out and sometimes you get control over the order of the two sides. Think of the E115 as literally two separate pedals in a single enclosure. You now have full access to place the ATS808 or Black Triangle Overdrive in front, second, or even between other pedals in your setup. I have included a high-quality patch cable so you can change the order externa