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LOMARK AP2 MN3005 Circuit

There were two major revisions of the original Aqua Puss and this pedal is representative of the second revision (AP-2). The LOMARK name comes from the “LOMARK” sticker that is placed on the original MkI AP-2 Aqua Puss that John Mayer famously used throughout the John Mayer Trio (2005), Continuum, and Where the Light Is tours. Inside you will find the same circuitry as the original, including the coveted MN3005 bucket-brigade delay chip that arguably gives this circuit the mojo that differentiates it from the Mk2 and Mk3. 


The Tone Geek Touch

The only thing I have changed in the circuit is the taper of the MIX potentiometer. For those who are emulating John Mayer’s subtle slapback, the logarithmic taper of the mix pot will allow you to fine-tune the delay a lot better compared to the touchy nature of the original linear taper. Because of the taper difference, you will need to increase the mix knob more than John’s real Aqua Puss if you look at his pedalboard pictures. You can also dial in the slapback tone using your ears by listening to “Out of My Mind” on the John Mayer Trio album. 



I calibrated the internal trim pots to the exact specifications of two 1997 Aqua Pusses that I had access to. DO NOT CHANGE THEM pretty please.

LOMARK MN3005 Delay

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  • LOMARK MN3005 analog delay based on the Way Huge Aqua Puss MK1 AP-2 circuitry. **This batch includes white knobs**

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