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Full Wave Rectifier & Bias High-Performance Board for Amplifiers. Includes backing board.

Full Wave Rectifier / Bias High-Performance Board for Amplifiers

SKU: Full Wave Rectifier Mod PCB

10% Discount at 10+ Quantity

  • Using this board and components will reduce radiated emissions, snub unwanted transient spikes, equalize voltage drops across each diode, and increase the reliability of the full-wave rectifier circuit. It can be used in new builds as well as used in aging amplifiers to reduce noise generated from basic solid-state rectification.

    The high voltage diode selection upgrades to larger, 3A handling. The bias diode upgrades to an ultra-fast recovery specification for quieter performance.

    Dimensions: 110mm x 50mm (4.33" x 1.96")

    Components can be easily purchased from Mouser via

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