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First Dead & Company Show For Me :-)

Had an absolute blast last night at the Dead & Company show at the XL Center in Hartford, Connecticut. For gear, the now-usual JMOD, Fender Dual Professional, and Victoria Reverberato. Here is a couple of shots of the settings John's been using the last couple of shows. The pedals themselves were housed in a road case off to the side. Couldn't really see much of anything in there.

The show sounded amazing and not one instrument was a heck louder than the other. Most of the night I was underneath the stadium speaker stack so I could hear the amps first hand. To my surprise, it wasn't crazy loud (and as also indicated by the Fender Dual Professional volume at level 3). I'm waiting for the FLAC files to become available to download to have a re-listen.

Setlist was great. Pretty relaxed but that's what typically happens a couple shows after Boston. (Note to self, try to go to a Boston show or two)

Dead & Company | 11.22.17 | Hartford, Connecticut

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