DIY PRS Silver Sky-Style Pickguard | Building John Mayer's Tone

I have a new (cleaner) photo now that the PRS SIlver Sky has been in production for a while and the production units are out in the wild. It turns out that the resistor value has changed to 3.3MOhm and that is largely the difference between the prototype and production. This will make the guitar slightly "brighter" than the prototype 2.7MOhms but since the pots could swing at least 10% in value, it really will be slightly different between guitars. Nature of the beast. I recommend Fender Fat 60's pickups as it's the closest tone to Silver Sky pickups off-the-shelf. Fender Custom Shop Fat 60's Pickups: 3.3MOhm Resistors: CRL 5-Way Switch: https

Building John Mayer's Tone | Two Rock JM Signature & SSS #004 - Phase 3

Really excited for this post as I've completed the JM Sig, SSS #004 head, and SSS #004 2x12 combo cabinets! What a journey to finally get here and let me tell you... THIS THING SOUNDS AMAZING! I'm going to do a proper video soon with some help from my friends. Without further delay, here's some pics from this past weekend. The plan now is to enjoy the Two Rock John Mayer Signature amplifier in the SSS #004 cabinet. Once I save up money for a #004 circuit build (ETA this winter) I'll swap the cabinets around so SSS #004 circuit is in the proper SSS #004 enclosure. I have a donor USA made Accutronics rainbow zinc reverb tank that I'll also swap the internals so it'll visually match too. I love

PRS Silver Sky | Building John Mayer's Tone (UPDATE 5/9/18)

I found some great information online about wiring and under-the-hood of the Silver Sky. I have to admit, I'm intrigued and it kept me up last night thinking about either building a wiring harness like the Silver Sky, or putting myself on the list :-) Update: I noticed that I forgot to connect leg 3 on the volume pot -> Ground. Update 5/9/18: Member tpadula from the John Mayer Tapatalk forums posted gut shots from his PRS Silver Sky built 4/13/18 and it appears to have a different resistor on the volume pot. His came with a 3.2MOhm and the Thomann video with a build date of 12-19-17 was 2.7MOhm. It begs the questions of when and why the changes? Could the influential YouTube reviews about th

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