• Ryan

PRS Silver Sky | Building John Mayer's Tone (UPDATE 5/9/18)

I found some great information online about wiring and under-the-hood of the Silver Sky. I have to admit, I'm intrigued and it kept me up last night thinking about either building a wiring harness like the Silver Sky, or putting myself on the list :-)

Update: I noticed that I forgot to connect leg 3 on the volume pot -> Ground.

Update 5/9/18: Member tpadula from the John Mayer Tapatalk forums posted gut shots from his PRS Silver Sky built 4/13/18 and it appears to have a different resistor on the volume pot. His came with a 3.2MOhm and the Thomann video with a build date of 12-19-17 was 2.7MOhm. It begs the questions of when and why the changes? Could the influential YouTube reviews about the sound/pickups be invalid because of this change?

Also.... Interestingly, the pickup resistance differs (and averages 6.52kOhms) between the pickups on his.