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Pseudo Eagle Preamp | Unity Super Buffer & Treble Boost

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

This has taken WAY too long for me to complete this project however, timing is everything! When I first set to replicate the JCF preamp found in the real PRS Super Eagle guitars, I did not know how to make PCBs. Now I'm pretty well versed, so I improved the size and layout over the original design.

Pseudo Eagle Preamp 1 for 1 Outline
Download PDF • 186KB

I am very fortunate that the owner of a real PRS Super Eagle was kind enough to assist me in the quest to replicate the preamp. This was inspiring news to me as you can imagine since I started building the Pseudo Eagle guitar which is inspired by John Mayer's 2019 guitars he played with Dead & Company. When I optimized the design, I kept honest with the original part selection as well to make sure the tone matched the original. WIMA box film capacitors, NE5534P chip, and electrolytic capacitors are all the same.

A few people reached out to me because they reached out to JCF who deferred them to PRS for acquiring one of the preamps. PRS declined and suggested buying a real $12,500 Super Eagle, which is a limited production and no longer available for purchase. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

New for 2023

Since releasing the Pew Pew Preamp (compare to Alembic Blaster) I have inquiries about taking the Psuedo Eagle Preamp and modifying it to work with the Stratocaster/Silver Sky jack plate and I have successfully done that! Here is some pictures and wiring documentation. The jack plate option is available from the Psuedo Eagle ordering page.

Parts used to build this guitar:



Neil Godbole
Neil Godbole
May 23, 2021

I agree. I highly recommend this pre-amp for those looking for a more full-range tone. Excellent job by The Tone Geek!


This NAILS the tone!

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