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Pseudo Eagle Preamp | Unity Super Buffer & Treble Boost

Updated: Mar 9

This has taken WAY too long for me to complete this project however, timing is everything! When I first set to replicate the JCF preamp that's found in the real PRS Super Eagle guitars, I did not know how to make PCBs. Now I'm pretty well versed so I was able to improve the size and layout over the original design.

I am very fortunate that an owner of a real PRS Super Eagle was kind enough to assist me in the quest to replicate the preamp. This was very exciting news to me as you can imagine since I started building the Pseudo Eagle guitar which is inspired by John Mayer's 2019 guitars he played with Dead & Company. When I optimized the design, I kept honest with the original part selection as well to make sure the tone matches the original. WIMA box film capacitors, NE5534P chip, and electrolytic capacitors are all the same.

A few people reached out to me because they reached out to JCF who deferred them to PRS for acquiring one of the preamps. PRS declined and suggested buying a real $12,500 Super Eagle, which is a limited production and no longer available for purchase. My standard for producing a product sale requires that the layout does not match the original (artwork copyright) and the product is not available for sale anymore. Since both of my personal criteria have been met, the preamp is available for purchase in the following locations:

USA - https://www.thetonegeek.com/shop

International - https://reverb.com/item/38629830-the-tone-geek-pseudo-eagle-preamp-super-unity-gain-buffer-treble-boost-obel-non-us

Because of the USPS delays getting shipments out of the USA, I'm teaming with Suchahardman.com to distribute the preamp with the rest of the world.

Parts used to build this guitar:

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