A Guide How To Select Pedal Parts

I've been asked quite a bit lately how I select parts and source parts for my recent pedal projects. I figured this is a good time to get into a hobby with some folks having downtime because of the COVID-19 lockdown. I intend this to be pretty straight foward guide how I select my parts. For starts, I use mostly Aion Electronics and PedalPCB for my circuit boards. https://aionelectronics.com/ and https://www.pedalpcb.com/ Secondly, Tayda Electronics has been really stepping it up with their parts. I almost use them exclusively now for most pedal builds. https://www.taydaelectronics.com/ For anything exotic (genuine J201, King of Tone diodes, etc.) I use https://www.pedalhackerelectronics.com

New Build Day! Zendrive...

Such a simple circuit with big tones! I highly recommend this build for anyone just getting into pedal building. Not much can go wrong! I am using the PedalPCB board but Aion also makes a fantastic board too. Even a kit! https://aionelectronics.com/project/azimuth-zendrive-kit/ https://www.pedalpcb.com/product/mahayanadrive/ The build is fairly straight forward. One interesting thing is to try different opamps in this circuit for different results. The original is said to be an AD712, while the newer ones seem to be a NE5532. I had a hard time finding an AD712 for some reason but I did have a few opamps to try in my build. I ended up landing on the OP2134A as my preferred choice. It seems to

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