Ceriatone Centura (Klon Centaur) Build

Soldering and assembly of a standard circuit Ceriatone Centura in full. Think of this sort of like painting along with Bob Ross, but with guitar pedals. A work of art called the Centura, specifically... Full end-to-end with every component to assist in building one yourself. Notes: * Always double check resistor values with a multimeter. I did in this video. * I edited in a jumper wire assembly that I didn't see until later on in the build. * I chose Russian D9E "magic" diodes for this build. My other Centura has the diodes that are supplied in the kit. I like variety. * I originally installed a 1uf capacitor for C17 but then corrected it to 47uF behind the scenes. My second Centura bu

John Mayer - TSFE Leg 2 & Tales from the Golden Road interview (Update 8/22)

Information from John himself on Tales from the Golden Road (7/16/17) http://www.talesfromthegoldenroad.com/ explains what happened to the PRS JMOD amps during the middle of the Dead and Company tour. They were sent back to the PRS shop to have modifications done to the tone stack and the reason why it took so long was largely due to a shipping incident at a hotel in Las Vegas. This brings up some controversy as the JMOD amps were supposed to be "exactly what John is playing" but they are already being modified so the first folks to receive their JMOD amps are already out-dated (boo!) BUT I am starting to gather information that the mods being done to John's touring amps will be incorporated

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