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Ceriatone Centura (Klon Centaur) Build

Soldering and assembly of a standard circuit Ceriatone Centura in full. Think of this sort of like painting along with Bob Ross, but with guitar pedals. A work of art called the Centura, specifically... Full end-to-end with every component to assist in building one yourself.

Notes: * Always double check resistor values with a multimeter. I did in this video. * I edited in a jumper wire assembly that I didn't see until later on in the build. * I chose Russian D9E "magic" diodes for this build. My other Centura has the diodes that are supplied in the kit. I like variety. * I originally installed a 1uf capacitor for C17 but then corrected it to 47uF behind the scenes.

My second Centura build. If I were to make a 3rd, I would attach wires to the PCB first and then run them to the switch, connectors, etc. This would help clean up the wiring. I purchased the kit directly from Nik and Ceriatone For the ribbon cable, I have a bunch for sale so message me through YouTube or on my site and I'll hook you up with one. Enjoy!

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