• Ryan

Aqua-Puss MK1 AP2 (1998) Style PCB Now Available

Updated: Jun 19

Diving into a bit into my research into the Aqua-Puss MK1 AP2 as well as re-creating the circuit in a way that pays tribute to the original, however, offers a drop-in retrofit into an MK2 enclosure. Another fun announcement is that I'm opening an e-commerce outlet directly on this site and will be adding more DIY items as well as full builds as they become available. Check it out: Here

Left is retrofit PCB, right is a real MK1 AP2
The Tone Geek AP2 with a real Way Huge Aqua Puss MK1 AP2

Recreating the original Aqua Puss really is the first pedal that has ever sent me down the rabbit hole. From my internet research, a proper clone of one does not exist, and minimal DIY resources are available. There is a pretty epic thread of a team of folks in https://www.freestompboxes.org/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=4216 reverse engineering an AP2 unit. This thread kicked off Mad Bean's Aquaboy PCB which started off as a tribute to the Aqua Puss, however since the Aqua Puss is largely a Boss DM-2, Madbean reverted the goal of the board to be a DM-2 circuit clone versus the Aqua Puss. Technically, you could modify the AquaBoy to build an Aqua Puss and I've done this a few times with great results. It still felt funny and I wanted to go a little deeper than that to make it look like a real AP2 so I retrofitted a board into my MK2. I retrofitted one more time using a Suchahardman PCB with very favorable results. Even with these favorable results, I wanted something that was built specifically for the MK2 enclosure and since I have the PCB design making skills, I thought I would revisit that.

Quickly let me recap the reason why I want to recreate an Aqua Puss so bad...

  • John Mayer (surprise surprise!) used the MK1 AP2 from the beginning of his career until ~2013 Born & Raised Tour where he switched over to an MK1 AP1. John Mayer Trio, Where the Light is, Continuum, etc. had the AP2 present.

  • They are out of production. FORBIDDEN FRUIT!

  • Expensive and I can't afford the ones that pop up online for $2,000+ USD.