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More Adventures in AP-1 Land!

My original idea was to retrofit a Way Huge Aqua-Puss Mk1 cloned circuit into a Mk2 enclosure. I designed the circuit in Eagle and started to design the PCB to match the original layout. Around that time, Madbean Pedals received a shipment of their AquaBoy PCBs so I changed gears a little. I ran into all sorts of problems with getting the AquaBoy PCB to fit in the Mk2 enclosure to my comfort level. I again, switched gears to follow the AquaBoy standard 125b enclosure which I still make today.

Ok, long background story to where I am today which is FINALLY retrofitting a Mk1 PCB into a Mk2 enclosure! Some of my John Mayer message board friends were asking for this specific combination so I was extra motivated to kick the tires again with this initiative. (Wow, lots of day job lingo there)

I'm really happy how it turned out. I even painted the stomp switch black just like the original :-) Luckily SmallBear Electronics carries cloned Way Huge style knobs with white index to complete the look. I did sacrifice the use of the battery originally but I believe I can make that work again. Because the spacing of the pots is not original to the AquaBoy, I did run extension lines which I then hot-glued the PCB to the pot's dust cover. This pedal is completely gig worthy now which is my goal in any build.

As I'm trying to save funds to build my own Dumble SSS #004 clone, I am putting this pedal up on Reverb Here. It kills me a little to let her go so soon but I got to keep my eyes on the prize. More on the Dumble journey soon!

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