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(SOLD OUT) New SSS #002 Chassis Run!

Updated: Feb 20, 2021

Very excited to announce a new chassis run for my SSS #002 project! This is intended for USA delivery only due to logistics challenges.

For Europe, Erwin is your point of contact for chassis and PCB boards. His contact info is: info at (for spam reasons please remove "at" with @ ). He has outsourced the same exact chassis drawings, artwork, and chassis specs within Europe to keep costs low for his "local" market.

Chassis Specifications:

  • Material: .125” thick 5052 Aluminum - High conductivity and extremely good corrosion-resistant qualities

  • Bend Radius: .125”

  • Overall Chassis Dimensions: 23.75” x 8.05” x 2.5”

  • 5" Chassis mount spacing. Taylor @ Amplified Nation has a template for my chassis so he can build headshells easily.

  • Welded vertical supports (this thing will NOT flex at all if you twist it )

  • Optimized for PCBs (no drilling required!) and still compatible with the point-to-point eyelets I designed and Hoffman Amps makes

Based on the feedback from my first run of these chassis, there is a strong preference to have YOUR name on the front and back so I have partnered with a local vinyl shop and we're finalizing details to have an automotive-grade silver adhesive wrap that can be customized however you would like. I plan on starting with two templates, one that looks like #002 and one that looks similar to the SRV Blackface #007 for fun. If you want to design your own, that's totally fine too and you can use my templates to get you started in InkScape: ... en-Artwork I used the vinyl from the shop on my "prototype" amp and zero concerns with durability and/or heat. See attached pictures for an example of the vinyl application. I also am able to control costs a bit better this time to pass the savings down and offer more options.

Available options (will expand once I finalize with the vinyl shop)

  • Brushed finish chassis, no artwork - $225

  • Artwork with YOUR name on it - $100 Covers artwork change cost and delivers 3x sets front/back of wraps. Only one set is required per chassis so you would only pay $100 once for up to 3x chassis

  • SSS #002 PCB set designed by Erwin - $150 (free shipping if you're not ordering a chassis)

  • $50 shipping for the first chassis, $25 for additional chassis.

$100 gets you 3x wrap sets (front/back) so this will keep costs low if you purchase more than one chassis. Make one for a friend! If you do not order 3x chassis, I'll include the extra wraps with your order since there is a minimum print requirement at my local shop.

1x Chassis + Artwork = $325 ($25 savings compared to my first chassis run)

2x Chassis + Artwork = $550 ($100 savings this run)

3x Chassis + Artwork = $775 ($200 savings this run)

You can reach out to me on AmpGarage or for purchase via PayPal. Full BOM for these PCBs have been updated on my GitHub project: I'll update the picture of the final amp guts in the new chassis once I'm done with my next one. The pic above is with a scrap chassis to prove out the PCBs. Once I've generated the artwork and receive payment, I'll send the request to the sign shop to create the wraps. After that, I'll apply and ship the chassis to the customer.

Update 7/20/20: I'm processing everyone's orders from the initial batch. I'm not accepting new orders for chassis at this time BUT I will take your name and email down for a distribution list email blast once I get more in stock. Please don't hesitate to reach out and I'll add you to the list. Thank you for your understanding.



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