(UPDATED 9/27/19) NGD! Lehle P-Split II Review

New gear day! This one really cleans things up in my setup. It's not often I'll ever run a dual-amp setup (especially for making YouTube videos with a single microphone) but I'll be ready when I do need it! Presenting the Lehle P-Split II! When Josh S. came over to demo my Steel String Singer, I also added an output from my Boss RV-500 to feed my Fender Dual Professional. At my "bedroom volume" I did not detect a ground loop buzz but when we turned up both amps, it was quite obvious. Since Josh had plenty of gigging experience with two amps, he always carries a 3 to 2 prong grounding adaptor with him for one of his amps if he's running a dual setup. This effectively becomes a ground lift on

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