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(UPDATED 9/27/19) NGD! Lehle P-Split II Review

New gear day! This one really cleans things up in my setup. It's not often I'll ever run a dual-amp setup (especially for making YouTube videos with a single microphone) but I'll be ready when I do need it! Presenting the Lehle P-Split II!

When Josh S. came over to demo my Steel String Singer, I also added an output from my Boss RV-500 to feed my Fender Dual Professional. At my "bedroom volume" I did not detect a ground loop buzz but when we turned up both amps, it was quite obvious. Since Josh had plenty of gigging experience with two amps, he always carries a 3 to 2 prong grounding adaptor with him for one of his amps if he's running a dual setup. This effectively becomes a ground lift on one of his amps. This is ok but sort of freaked me out a bit even though everything is grounded properly so I wanted to be ready next time with a good solution. My research didn't need to go too far after learning through the My Stupid Mouth forums that John Mayer used a Lehle P-Split II on The Search for Everything Tour. Joe Bonamassa also uses two of them for his quad-amp setup. This seemed like a no-brainer if they use it too!

I bought the P-Split from Guitar Center and the unit itself was a lot smaller than I expected. I really like how no power supply is required to operate this unit. This part of my "review" is going to be simple... IT JUST WORKS! My amps did not need to use the phase inversion feature, but I have paired up with a Mesa Boogie once and its second channel's phase was inverted which was really weird. This device would have helped with that situation for sure.

EDIT 9/27/18: I have figured out how to use the device to eliminate a ground loop while maintaining a stereo rig. Lehle reached out to me after reading this blog post to offer assistance. (Thinking back, I should have reached out to them in the first place) Joki @ Lehle was super nice and wanted to make sure I had all the information I needed to navigate troubleshooting. This illustration is where I landed which yielded the best results. I'll be uploading a new YouTube video to update accordingly. Still very happy with the Lehle products and team!

My YouTube video review of the Lehle P-Split II

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