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Prototype Silver Sky™ Advanced Research Division Stickers

I'll keep this short and sweet. In collaboration with Chris Pearson to aid in the design, I sent off a white-on-clear sticker to be created and they showed up today on my doorstep. They are BEAUTIFUL! I'm really impressed with and the quality of their stickers.

John Mayer first had one of these stickers on a one-off PRS that seems to be a lot like Apple's Space Gray back in 2022. John mentioned in Corey Wong's podcast that he really likes this color and thinks Apple and Tesla has some cool things going on with their colors. With this custom Silver Sky came the appearance of the "Prototype Silver Sky Advanced Research Division" and I thought this was so cool! If you know anything about me, I'm really into any sort of military research division stuff so this was right up my alley!

(Image credit: Mike Coppola/Getty Images for SiriusXM)

And then came the 2023 tour with Dead and Company with the same sticker on it!

My buddy, Chris, created his own take on the stickers and they did quite well!

He sent me his files and then I got to work on trying to make slight modifications to the design based on new photos that had emerged of the ones on John's guitar.

I started by finding a clear shot of the silver sky logo which I found on PRS's own thumbnail and then I used Google Lens to find similar photos. I ended up loading this into Adobe Illustrator and tracing it by hand. Wow did that take a long time!

Ultimately I was able to fit and adjust the sticker to around the same size and proportions using my PRS CE Semi-hollow bridge which is the same, I think, that's on the Dead Spec Silver Sky.

USPS is pretty strict about shipping merchandise vs regular mailings so I have the charge the standard rate of $4 domestic and $17 international shipping at the time of this writing. Feel free to buy a few stickers and resell them!



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