Inside & Analysis of a REAL John Mayer Two-Rock Signature Amplifier

Ah so excited to finally see the inside of one of these bad boys and learn about the features that make up the tone of John's Signature Two-Rock amps! As a reminder, I publish these insights and thoughts for educational purposes and not to undermine, destroy, or promote in any sort of way. The information is to guide someone someone to learn to build this amazing, out of production, amplifier. On the Dumble amp clones and D-style pedals Facebook group, a generous forum member who was working on a JM Sig for a customer (it kept blowing a fuse) provided some really nice gut shots. Because of my own quest for information, as well as a few other members on My Stupid Mouth forum, these pics help

Updated: Steel String Singer #002 Chassis Design

I'm taking a big risk here but I have decided to release my Steel String Singer #002 chassis design into the wild for educational purposes. The reason why I'm doing this is because I believe in "open source" so the DIY amplifier community can get better. Chassis design can be intimidating at first but I'm hoping this will fast-track some of you to reach your goals. The chassis is intended to be compatible with most Ceriatone kits, even the SSS, as well as the MHartman layout on TAG. My only request is if you find these files useful, please consider a direct donation to my PayPal and

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