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Updated: Steel String Singer #002 Chassis Design

Dumble Steel String Singer #002 Chassis

I'm taking a big risk here but I have decided to release my Steel String Singer #002 chassis design into the wild for educational purposes. The reason why I'm doing this is because I believe in "open source" so the DIY amplifier community can get better. Chassis design can be intimidating at first but I'm hoping this will fast-track some of you to reach your goals. The chassis is intended to be compatible with most Ceriatone kits, even the SSS, as well as the MHartman layout on TAG.

My only request is if you find these files useful, please consider a direct donation to my PayPal

and if you make a batch of these chassis, I'd love to acquire one for a future project.

Without further delay, here is the link to every single file required to build as-is, modify, and learn.

GitHub makes it super easy for version control and if I make an update to the drawings, you can see the changes and my comments without me having to re-upload files to Dropbox, etc. Over the next few weeks I'll be making a small series on my YouTube how to make your own chassis from scratch so please subscribe.

I think this would be a real fun project to make your own or use a Ceriatone kit to build your own Steel String Singer! I love the tone John Mayer gets out of his amp and I think this thing just looks sooooo coool!

UPDATED 3/14/19

I've finished the layout change to accommodate the original tube layout and circuit board layouts of SSS #002.

The plan right now is to do a run of at least 5x of them. I'd ideally like to make 10x to give everyone a deeper price break so please reach out to me ASAP if you're interested.

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