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John Mayer - TSFE Leg 2 & Tales from the Golden Road interview (Update 8/22)

Information from John himself on Tales from the Golden Road (7/16/17) explains what happened to the PRS JMOD amps during the middle of the Dead and Company tour. They were sent back to the PRS shop to have modifications done to the tone stack and the reason why it took so long was largely due to a shipping incident at a hotel in Las Vegas. This brings up some controversy as the JMOD amps were supposed to be "exactly what John is playing" but they are already being modified so the first folks to receive their JMOD amps are already out-dated (boo!) BUT I am starting to gather information that the mods being done to John's touring amps will be incorporated in all JMOD amps being made now. I'll update as more information about the mod is received. (Hopefully it includes a clear gut shot or two of a JMOD). Download of the Tales from the Golden Road can be found on their website here.

Tying in to the 2nd leg of the tour means the pedal board is out in the open again! Not hidden like it was for the Dead & Company 2017 tour. So far the community has found that he's moved the Source Audio Programmable EQ to the dry board and added the Strymon Flint on the wet board. During John's Instagram Live feed on 7/19/17, a Way Huge Camel Toe is spotted on the dry board. Hopefully someone (pick me please!) will be able to grab a super clear shot of the boards and settings. Cross our fingers! 

Update 8/22: The PRS J-MOD 100 mod that John requested is a change in the tone stack slope resistor from 150kohm to 120kohm. This makes the amp a little warmer, softer, and more compressed

Quick note: I'm working on getting a few videos up on the YouTube page as well as attending the 8/20 John Mayer show in Hartford, CT. Very excited.

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