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Cloned Pedals & Amps

Here we are covering out-of-production, rare, and expensive amplifiers and pedals alternatives/clones. My background is electrical engineering so I'll do my best to describe any differences in a clone or alternative. WARNING: I might get geeky and low-level with some of the pedals and amps. I'll update this page often. If you have suggestions, please Contact Me

Klon Centaur Professional Overdrive

Ah! The Klon Centaur Professional Overdrive.. You might think twice about saving for a real one if you check out Ceriatone's "Centura" which is the first to clone the enclosure. I've built two of the kits so I can familiarize myself with the parts and quality and this thing is LEGIT! The price is right too. Here is my YouTube Video for my build of the Centura.


I also posted a blog entry of a build using an Aion Electronics PCB here

Marshall Blues Breaker Make 1 (Mk1)

Don't be fooled by the Marshall Blues Breaker v2, there is nothing like the original. To make things slightly more confusing, there is a Mk1v1 and a Mk1v2. The difference between the two is the Mk1v1 smooths out the high end and is more ear-pleasing. The Mk1v2 was in production longer and is accepted as the "standard" circuit even though the original v1 circuit is preferred amongst players. Fun fact, the AnalogMan "King of Tone" is based on Mk1v1 resistor/capacitor values. I'm impressed with Aion Electronics Cerulean PCB for DIY. I built a Mk1v2 originally but I could not stand the high end harshness on my Strat so I knocked it to Mk1v1 specs and am much happier. My educated guess is John Mayer used Mk1v1 too based on his pedal tone settings. 

Ibanez TS-10

I used a PedalPCB circuit board to make a TS-10 clone and shot a YouTube how-to video here

Aqua Puss v1

Largely based on a BOSS DM-2 and always on the board of John Mayer and Brad Paisley. I researched and came up with instructions to convert a WHE701 to a MK1 MN3005 spec pedal here. I also made my own clone using MadBean's AquaBoy PCB and documented here.  

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