• Ryan

PRS Private Stock Super Eagle II

In collaboration with John Mayer, PRS officially releases information of the Private Stock Super Eagle II. Mayer has toured with this guitar with the Dead & Company for a few shows prior to the official release. I really like the "hemp green" color and love the flamed maple. I'm always a sucker for the flame maple. I'm not sure on the price tag though... $11,000 USD. A little rich for my blood and kind of puts me off in a way. Limited production run of 120 also. I've bene thinking of building a PRS Super Eagle inspired guitar by ordering a VIP hollow body to my specifications from Warmoth. Would be easy to customize to add split coil taps and they would route out the humbucker-minihumbucker-humbucker for you as well. Bolt on neck to 25.5" scale length too so it would be a strat-feel and similar string tension. Anyway.. here is the lowdown on the new Super Eagle II.