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Dead & Company 2018 Kick-Off Gear and PRS Super Eagle "Core Edition"? (Updated)

I guess my timing for this post is good! I wanted a few shows to get underway with Dead & Co before documenting some of the gear that I've seen through YouTube and Instagram posts. Also PRS Experience is under way and some attendees noticed a "new" line of PRS models that resemble the PRS Super Eagle I & II.

First, Dead & Company gear. Still waiting on better pedal board pics but John paired down the pedals to the essentials for D&C tones. No more huge MIDI controller.


  • 2x PRS JMOD Amps

  • 2x PRS JMOD 2x12 Cabinets

  • Vitoria Reverbrato

Camden 6-1-18

  • 2x PRS JMOD Amps

  • 1x PRS JMOD 2x12 cabinet

  • 1x Alessandro 2x12 open back cabinet

  • 1x Fender Deluxe Reverb

Camden 6-2-18 -> Onward

  • 3x Fender Deluxe Reverb

  • at least two of the Fender Deluxe Reverbs ('65) have JBL D120's and were serviced by Alessandro.


John has been using his solid body (maybe chambered?) PRS Super Eagle I and his silver PRS 594. Interesting news about the 594 is that it is a modified 594 likely with the JM 58/15s according to Shawn @ PRS.

New PRS model that looks like similar features as a Super Eagle?

I'm going to keep this light here because there isn't a lot of information available at this point but it looks like PRS is releasing a new model that includes a narrow field middle humbucker with split coil capabilities like the PRS Super Eagle I and II.

EDIT 6-11-18: PRS announced this guitar as a 22 fret, limited run special edition. Available to purchase through August. Seems like a great guitar and I would absolutely love to own a PRS in Trampas Green that is or shares a lot of features as the Super Eagle (scale length more importantly). I'm not in a position to purchase a new guitar but I think I'll wait until a closer Super Eagle I or II comes out.

Going to Dead & Company again in Hartford, Connecticut (June 13th!)

I'll be attending the Dead & Company show in Hartford. CT on June 13th. I am so happy I verified as a fan and scored pit tickets! Yay! If you are there and see me with my signature yellow Jeep hat like this, stop and say hi!

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