John Mayer's 2019 North American Tour Pedals and Amplifiers

Big shout out to @johnmayergear on Instagram for pulling this information together. He's done a great job following the gear of this tour and I'll put together a single web page for all the information and where to buy some of the gear.

Additional information and pictures sourced from My Stupid Mouth John Mayer Gear - 2019 thread

From @Johnmayergear

Guitars: The rarities are the "all white" Silver Sky (paint, headstock, back of the neck) and the Silver Sky with maple fretboard. Most of the shows have been done with a Silver Sky. Silver Sky 'all white' Silver Sky w/maple fretboard ('New Light', mainly) Moc Sand Silver Sky The Black One ('Gravity') '64 strat Silver McCarty 594 ('Egde of Desire') 3-Humbucker Sunburst McCarty Charvel San Dimas ('Heartbreak Warfare') Duesenberg Double Cat ('