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J-MOD 100 Controls Walk-through

I've been waiting for a video like this! I will say, it's not what I was thinking (the best that I can determine through the encoding of YouTube) but I'm intrigued. I enjoyed how they used the new Super Eagle II to demo along with the J-MOD. Although there are no Mayer/Dead guitar licks in the walk-through, I can hear the base of the clean Mayer tones before pedals and processing comes in play. That said, it definitely seems like pedals and processing is required to bring out the best in this amp based on this demo. I could be proven wrong (and would be happy to in-person, be proven wrong) but I just didn't hear anything special out of the box. I like how the volume seems to be usable in practice volumes without losing tone. I don't hear any "Dumble" like tones when the gain is dialed up so it must have its own thing going on circuit-wise. I look forward to one day playing with the volume, gain, master volume knobs to see how they interact with one another with drive pedals, etc. I am checking daily to see if my local Guitar Center has one of these so I can check it out and video review it myself (with some actual Mayer/Dead licks). Equally, I can't wait for some gut shots and circuit analysis! If you get one and don't mind opening it up for some gut shots, send me a message!

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