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Way Huge announces "Way Smalls" Aqua Puss WM71 MKIII!

I'm a little late to post this exciting information but Jeorge Tripps and the Way Huge brand announced at Winter NAMM '18 that a smaller version of their Aqua-Puss is on the way! According to Way Huge's Instagram, the smaller MKIII will continue to use the MN3205 chip (boo!!). I put a pre-order in as soon as I found out so I could open it up and see what sort of modifications we can make to it. Exciting stuff, right? Well.. the not-so-exciting part is that I've been pushed back on estimated delivery twice with the latest estimate being 2-28 at Musician's Friend and 3-7 at Guitar Center. It happens, I get it.... Hopefully it's all demand related and not QC related as many manufacturers face when they rush a new product out the door.

There is hope that there is full size components within the enclosure too like the Russian Pickle. No gut-shots have been taken yet of the new Aqua-Puss but we will maybe soon find out?

Gallery below.

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