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Building John Mayer's Tone | Two Rock JM Signature - Phase 2 Part 1

I think I am spending more time with the cabinets than the electronics at this point! To recap the cabinets I'm building:

* 1x Black carbon fiber wrapped head cabinet

* 1x Turquoise suede #004 clone head cabinet

* 1x Golden-brown suede #004 2x12" combo clone

For the wood, I sourced 3/4" 13 ply baltic birch, 1/2" baltic birch ply, and 1/4" baltic birch.

Here is a few pictures of building stages

I hit a snag with the perfectly-matched turquoise suede I had and I will not have enough of it to wrap the cab unfortunately :-( so I placed an order with The Hide House to pick some of their garment suede in turquoise and golden-brown.

Here I am proud to present the first complete cabinet for the Two-Rock John Mayer Signature clone! (In SSS #004 style chassis and cabinet) covered in black carbon fiber tolex! The inspiration to choose black carbon fiber comes from The Search For Everything Tour where SSS #004 was housed in a black Fender-style cabinet. I thought that it looked amazing and I went with black carbon fiber as a nod to the original JM signature cabinet. Part 2 coming soon where I wrap the speaker cabinet and 2x12 combo cab in suede! Can't wait!

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