• Ryan

Reverb Tone Experimenting | Dual Professional -> SSS #004 & JM Two-Rock Sig

By request, I set out to experiment with the Fender Dual Professional's reverb driving the front end of SSS #004 and JM Sig. One of the cool features of the Fender Dual Professional is that the reverb section is before the dry tone controls. This gives greater flexibility over the reverb tone and fattens up the tone quite considerably.

Fender Dual Professional Block Schematic

John Mayer uses a Victoria Reverberato as part of his overall tone quite a bit. Countless Dead & Company shows can often find a Victoria Reverberato.

The exact settings of John's Reverberato is unknown at this point, so I swept the tone controls to try to get an idea how to recreate the best tone. Of course, I documented this in a YouTube video to share with everyone because I believe in sharing information so we can all get a better understanding.

Final thoughts

The Dual Professional reverb in front of the JM Two Rock circuit does not sit well with my ears. I much prefer the lush reverb of the JM Two Rock circuit which reminds me a lot of of the Continuum album. In my opinion, the Dual Professional reverb driving the front of SSS #004 is amazing. Fattens up the tone nicely and