• Ryan

Vertex "Steel String" Clean Drive | New Build Day!

DIY Vertex Steel String Clean Drive

I was always curious about this pedal and the great reviews. If I could have SSS-esque tones from my Hot Rod Deluxe (for band practice), I'm in! I stumbled upon a layout on Guitar FX Layouts which was neat! I soon then stumbled upon PedalPCB's Six String Stinger and I was sold!

The PedalPCB layout is gorgeous. I'm preferring the top jacks on 125B enclosures lately so it was a great match for my smaller pedalboard. It makes me curious why the real Steel String is so large if the circuit board is tiny and the components are surface mount? Anyway... I initially had a hard time sourcing J201 JFETs but Mouser electronics stocked J201s for a split second and I was able to grab 10 real J201s. I read on the reviews of the Six String Stringer that the J201 quality makes all the difference in this build so I figured I would pick up a bunch of them and socket the connections for ease of tests. I bought a 50 pack of "genuine Fairchild" J201 from eBay which shipped from china for about $6 USD.

Build Notes

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