• Ryan

Mini-taur? Shrinking the footprint of a 1:1 Klon Centaur Circuit

Updated: Feb 10

A lot of the circuit boards I've been designing lately have been to address my own needs. One of those is a smaller footprint Klon Centaur pedal. Yes, I could buy one of the thousands available however, I already had the schematic drawn for the BFK so it was easy to create my own 125B-sized pedal by arranging the parts differently. Proudly making things is fun!

My goal with creating a new circuit board was:

  • 1:1 Signal of the original Centaur.

  • Needs to comfortably fit inside a 125B enclosure.

  • Thick signal and power traces.

  • Parts selection for both 1:1 original parts as well as room for more exotic parts selections.

  • Make the circuit board BLACK.

  • Improve the grounding and overall manufacturing utilizing 2-layer 1.6mm boards.

Above is an example of using the same parts selection as the original Centaur. Mainly the Panasonic caps, resistor type, op amps, etc.

Build Resources:

Circuit boards can be purchased here

PCB 1-1 size with values
Download PDF • 519KB

PCB 1-1 size with designations
Download PDF • 292KB

Schematic_125B Klon_2021-09-21
Download PDF • 101KB

The Tone Geek MINI-TAUR KLONE Drill Template
Download PDF • 662KB

125B Klone Wiring Diagram
Download PDF • 514KB

1x 100KB Dual Gang


2x 10KB