• Ryan

Thru-Hole Valve Screamer, based on Ibanez TS10 Tube Screamer

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

The reception for my original Valve Screamer has been amazing! (See the original post and join the waitlist here) So much so that I'm completely over my head on making them myself! I reached out to Nik @ Ceriatone to see if he could help me out. His reply "yes, however, I'm allergic to surface mount components." Ha! Typical Nik humor. My next task was to make a thru-hole version of the design to accommodate his production request. This is not a bad thing because some folks are skeptical of surface mount components (not me) and believe mojo is in full-size components. So, why not?

To my ears, this sounds identical to my original surface-mount design. Once production at Ceriatone ramps up (TBD) I'll be winding down my personal production of full builds and relying on Ceriatone to fulfill the orders. You will still utilize the same waitlist https://forms.gle/co2gwAK22U23CrwW8 and all existing waitlist members will be honored.